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Because the future of the world is incumbent on all of us, let’s make it evolve together

our observation

Breathless logistics

Thousands of patients die every year while waiting for an organ due to a severe shortage of donors and an urgent supply of compatible and usable organs. Logistics during transport can sometimes involve a risk when the organ in an already tense context.

two surgeons operating on a person

Our solution

Next gen of delivery

Our mission is to enable and scale a reliable and secure autonomous vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft system as a primary transport system that will deliver organs to waiting patients, with low impact on the environment.


Building a healthier future

Sky’Transplant brought together a multidisciplinary team of industrial experts, with a collective vision to carry out this innovative project. The company rigorously addresses all critical aspects of key design areas that will enable safe organ delivery drones.


According to the recommendations, we will be able to transport up to 15 kg of payload.


We offer the ability to travel long distances, over 300 km, guaranteeing a short delivery time.


To be able to deliver over long distances, we offer a solution with at least 5 hours of autonomy.

Our ambition is to revolutionize the world of medical transport

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